Washable nipple protectors against cracks.

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“ Do not spoil this unique moment ! ”

Let mothers who want to breastfeed discover Skinoo.

Soft and comfortable, Skinoos protect nipples...

Made of Cotton velvet and foam, Skinoos are put on the nipples between breastfeeding sessions.

  • They protect the nipples from contact.
  • They prevent the nipple from getting crushed.
  • They let the skin breathe.

Thanks to these 3 functions, Skinoos act against :

  • Maceration.
  • Proliferation of bacteria.
  • Chapping of the nipples.
  • Oils and creams being absorbed by fabrics or compresses.
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Buying Skinoo is easy as can be !

In the nearest pharmacy, in your nursing or online shop – the Skinoo distribution network gives you a choice.