Skinoo, a new invention to preserve the comfort of breastfeeding mothers.

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The product

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An annual communication campaign is waged on different media to get the product known among users and prescribers (doctors, midwives, lactation consultants, ONE, la Leche League, Infor Allaitement, etc)

The market

The target group consists of young mothers in the first weeks of breastfeeding. A large part of them may suffer chapping and cracks on the nipples. According to doctors questioned, about half of mothers they meet complain about this lactation complication. As Skinoo is a preventive device, the product can be considered to interest all breastfeeding women.

Purpose of the product

Prevent the abandonment of breastfeeding

The pain caused by chapping and cracks on the nipples during the first weeks is one of the reasons for abandoning breastfeeding. It is nonetheless the most recommended means of nutrition by health professionals for mother and baby alike, the most adapted to the nutritional needs, and even the most economical. The WHO in particular recommends breastfeeding in awareness raising campaigns that are echoed by national and international organisations.

Preserve the emotional moment

Breastfeeding is a privileged moment between mother and baby. Unfortunately, pain gets in the way of the emotional relationship that is established during breastfeeding.

Preserve the comfort

The first weeks after childbirth may be physically and mentally difficult. It is therefore important to preserve a maximum of comfort for the mother in the interest of her baby, her emotional life and indirectly, her kin.

« Breastfeeding may be painful during the first weeks. Mrs De Wulf’s product can help relieve suffering by preventing direct contact of the skin of the nipple -- often irritated and extremely sensitive at the beginning of breastfeeding -- with the fabric of the bra. I have recommended it to some mothers during consultations for nurslings as ONE doctor and have got positive feedback from many of them. »

Doctor S. de B. - ONE authorised physician

« Breastfeeding is the feeding of choice for nurslings. It may cause chapping on the breasts on certain occasions which may be painful and discourage mothers from breastfeeding. I find this product interesting because it aims to improve mammary cicatrisation and the comfort of mothers. »

Doctor O. S. - Paediatrician at HUDERF


As Skinoo is a brand new invention, we have no direct competitors. There are different solutions to help women suffering from breast lesions. These products are complementary with the use of Skinoo. None of the solutions currently on the market can keep the breasts in a dry and ventilated environment and not crush the nipple, whilst being discrete and comfortable for daily use.


Test samples were distributed among 7 Belgian maternity wards; 11 doctors (ONE authorised physicians, gynaecologists, paediatricians) were questioned, and all thought that the product provided greater comfort for mothers and help in encouraging them not to abandon breastfeeding.

It has been used in a preventive or palliative capacity and has given overall positive results in both cases.

Reservation should be exercised in using the rings at the time of the first milk flow. In fact, the ring placed on very tight breasts has a tendency of leaving its imprint on the skin. According to the gynaecologist questioned, it does not represent any danger, because the canals are automatically emptied after each breastfeeding, and the imprint is superficial.


Protection of the invention

An application for an international patent has been filed. Skinoo is therefore protected by law against any malicious copying.