Everything always starts with a personal story…

Skinoo was created in 2013 by Jasmine De Wulf, a mother of four, who wanted to place on the market products that improve the living comfort of mothers and their babies. The breastfeeding rings were invented on the basis of her own experience and developed with the help of a centre for research in medical devices.


Did you know ?

A small contribution towards a peaceful world for our children. Skinoo undertakes to allocate a part of its profits towards the prevention of sexual violence among young people.


A heedful ear for needs above all…

The firm Skinoo has no other reason for being other than to meet needs. It is therefore essential to listen and to understand what the needs are and how to remedy them, in order to give optimal satisfaction.

Research and development for the sake of proper innovation…

Products are developed in cooperation with a centre for research in medical devices which brings to bear its expertise in advanced technologies and its knowledge on materials.

Test to improve and approve…

Once they are developed, products are subjected to tests that will confirm their success or require improvements. This phase is important because it gives a precise idea of the efficacy of the product and ascertains whether it meets the initial need properly.

A focus on values…

The purpose of Skinoo is to improve the comfort of people whilst taking due account of the environment and social values. The choices in terms of production and distribution are studied to limit its ecological impact as much as possible. Skinoo accordingly prefers short channels and natural or labelled materials, without however putting quality and user safety at risk.

In cooperating with a company for adapted work, Jasmine De Wulf wishes to show that the profitability and product quality factors are compatible with quality of life and integration into society.

She is also keen to gear her decisions in favour of the welfare of all stakeholders connected with the company, including the environment. Skinoo is therefore not merely a company that develops products linked to well-being, but above all one which preserves and promotes respect for the well-being of all its constituents.

Awards :

  • Enterprize : %Prize for best health/well-being project 2012%

    Enterprize : Prize for best health/well-being project 2012

  • Boost Belgium by Belfius Bank and Mastercard : %First prize for business creation in 2013%

    Boost Belgium by Belfius Bank and Mastercard : First prize for business creation in 2013

Financial support :

  • Caring entrepreneurship fund at the King Baldwin Foundation

    Caring entrepreneurship fund at the King Baldwin Foundation

  • Walloon Region : %Pre-activity grant%

    Walloon Region : Pre-activity grant

Accompaniment :

  • Centexbel


  • Innovatech


  • Idelux


  • Challenge


  • CréaPME


  • Fedustria


  • AWEX


  • AWT


  • Serviplast


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    Wonder Women

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  • 100000 Entrepreneurs

    100000 Entrepreneurs

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