A brand new solution for you…

Skinoo is a new, patented invention to help mothers enjoy their breastfeeding because a happy mom means a happy baby.

Many women suffer from chapping and cracks that can be very painful and force them to abandon breastfeeding their baby.


Breastfeeding is nonetheless strongly recommended by the WHO and the medical world for its many advantages for baby and mother alike for obvious medical and emotional but also economic reasons.

It’s the most suitable way to feed a nursling, one that protects and invigorates the baby. Your doctor, lactation advisor or consultant will give you details on the best way to breastfeed.

Skinoo, natural and simple above all…

Skinoo is very simple to use. You simply put it on each nipple after every breastfeeding session and close the bra again.

In this way, you :

  • Protect your nipples from contact.
  • Prevent them from getting crushed and from any folds forming.
  • Leave the skin to breath to favour cicatrisation.

Multiple advantages...

Skinoos are discrete and comfortable for daily use. They act against :

  • Maceration.
  • The proliferation of bacteria.
  • Chapping.
  • The absorption oils and creams by fabrics or compresses.

Even more...

  • Skinoos have a high and rapid absorbing capacity in case of milk loss; they absorb six times their weight without getting deformed.
  • They do not slip, thanks to a fine layer of starch that covers them and the pressure of the bra.
  • For your comfort and to avoid spots in case of loss of milk, they can be combined with breastfeeding pads.
  • Finally, their diameter and height were studied to suit all shapes of nipples.

Precautions for use :

  • Use Skinoo preferably after the first milk flow when the breasts are softened.
  • To avoid the proliferation of bacteria, replace the Skinoos after each breastfeeding session and when they are saturated with moisture.
  • Remove the Skinoo from the nipple before breastfeeding. Never place a Skinoo in the baby’s mouth.
  • In case of questions, follow the recommendations of your medical advisor.

Contents : 30 rings, 8 mm thick and 45 mm in diameter.

Composition : Medically certified hypoallergenic oxygen cotton, glue and starch.